February 14, 2011

Tennis Destination: Not The Canyons In December

I just got back from a great ski trip to The Canyons right outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Despite the fact that you cannot tell from this pic, this is actually me skiing. My face is completely covered even though it was about 30 degrees and a gorgeous sunny day. But that is how I get out of worrying about sunscreen and getting the dreaded "skiier's tan."

We also skiied Alta and Deer Valley - both of which ban snow boarders. You may be an avid snow boarder and I'm not trying to dis snow boarders. But as a skiier, it is kind of nice not to have to worry about snow boarders whipping by and icing up the runs.

There was nothing tennis-related on this trip but I did learn one important thing - my legs are WAY out of shape! The outside of my calves are still sore - are there separate muscles on the outside of the calves? For tennis, I always think I have to work on my arms. But this ski trip proved to me - if I would strength train my entire body, and not just focus on my arms, my tennis game would probably improve. As would my skiing. I was exhausted at the end of every day. But that's why skiing is so fun, right?

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