February 15, 2011

I'm A Team 4all Player!

I'm a Team 4all Player!

Not too long ago, I posted about my plans to get fit while having fun with my family in 2011: The Plan for 2011 - Gain Super Athlete Powers! I was writing in response to a call by fitness apparel manufacturer 4all by Jofit looking for women who were not only interested in looking good, but were also into being hard hitting, competitive, in-it-to-win-it female athletes! My family loved this post - what family was I talking about? And who was this person who intended to become an incredible tennis player while also taking up yoga and running a half marathon? Could that possibly be me?

Well, apparently it is! I got the notice last week that I am now one of the Team 4all bloggers who are focused on fitness and fun! This roster of 10 bloggers is described as "early rising, sun saluting, net charging, lunch packing, carpooling, super(role) model bloggers. They play for guts, glory and fun, and have what it takes to be part of Team 4all!" Wow!

I have visited most of blogs of other Team 4all ladies and, let me tell you, they are in great shape. Some of them are into tennis, some are playing golf, some are doing yoga, many of them are runners and all of them are into looking good while getting fit.

Anyway, I can't wait to get going on this and let you all in on what kind of great stuff being an "insider" on Team 4all will mean. Stay tuned!

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Karen said...

Congratulations! Love your blog - so excited to be on the team with you :)