January 13, 2011

The Plan 4 2011 - Gain Super Athlete Powers!

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My dream for gaining power in 2011 looks like this: I run five to seven miles each week and stretch my muscles in yoga class on my off days. I regularly crush my opponents on the tennis court for each of the two teams I play for. I sweat my way through my weekly tennis lesson and master that kick serve I've been coveting. And I find the time and inclination to tee up and take those golf lessons I've been promising my husband I would sign up for for the last two years.

Am I up for all of this? Yes! How will I accomplish it? Hmmm . . .

Well, to start with, I'll look to the people who inspire me the most - my family. I'm lucky to have a husband and three kids who actually believe I can accomplish anything I say I'm going to do, whether I believe that or not. So I plan on getting all of them involved in the 2011 Super Athlete Plan.  My daughter? I'm sure she'll be interested in the running thing once I dangle the promise of a trip to the Disneyland Half Marathon in front of her. (I've already registered - Yikes!) My sons? Simple - they're my built-in tennis partners and absolutely HATE to lose to Mom. As for my husband, he has promised me a fancy golf/spa experience if I would just take up the game. I'll book the lessons - he can book the trip.

But what might really ensure my success through all of this would be some trendy, hot-looking, form-fitting clothes. Why? Because I think I could do it ALL if I knew I could just wake up each morning, throw on one totally cute outfit and accomplish my super athlete goals of the day - without having to change from workout clothes to tennis clothes to golf clothes to something that looks decent at the grocery store. Oh, and if a few compliments could be thrown my way about my adorable outfit, that would help.

So, imagine my excitement when I heard that 4all by JoFit, a tennis, golf and fitness apparel manufacturer, was looking for a few good women who wanted to look their best while performing their best and write all about it as 4all "brand ambassadors."

I'm telling you, I'm pretty sure they're looking for me.

4all puts out a very killer-looking line of performance athletic apparel designed by women for women. They've got incredible stuff that will work for yoga class, the tennis court and the golf lesson. (I personally love the taupe Boy Shorts and the taupe Thumbs Up Jacket. I would wear those pieces out very quickly.). And the best part is they absolutely celebrate the idea of being a hard hitting, competitive, in-it-to-win-it female athlete! Love it!

4all needs women athletes to put their products to the test and write all about it. I need good-looking workout clothes that can stand up to ALL of my athletic undertakings this year.

I think its destiny. 4all - here I am, ready to join the team. When can we get started?

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Morgan @ Life After Bagels said...

Great post Kim and nice to "meet" you . . . I sent a submission as well so cross fingers we may be working together soon