March 30, 2011

I Heart The National Senior Women's Clay Court Championships!

I can't believe I'm just now telling you about the National Senior Women's Clay Court Championships that I went to last week. They were held here at the Houston Racquet Club and all you had to do was show up to see some really great tennis played by some incredible ladies. In case you didn't know, the definition of "Senior" for this tournament is anyone 35 years-old and above so many of these women were, in my over-40-years-of-age opinion, quite young. But they do have divisions going all of the way up to age 85 and older so there were all kinds of ladies there.

I happened to take a seat (on a concrete ledge) for the 45 singles final between Mariana Hollman and Shelly Works. Talk about counterpunchers! These ladies battled for over four hours in very warm and very humid conditions. I was amazed. I learned more about singles strategy watching these two go at it for 2 hours than I ever could in 2 hours of lessons. Hollman ultimately prevailed 5-7, 6-3, 6-3 but I think it could have gone either way. The most amazing thing to me was that if I ran into either of these two women in the grocery store, I would no more think they were high-level tennis tournament champs than I would think they were astronauts. They just looked like two regular women. Albeit with massively muscled thighs and super cut arms.

It was a great day watching fabulous ladies playing wonderful tennis. I wish I could have seen more. My consolation - the U.S. Men's Clay Court Tournament qualifying rounds start at the end of this week and I am a volunteer! So I plan to have lots to see about tennis players and tournaments over the next two weeks. Stay tuned!

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March 28, 2011

It's Official - Davis Cup Will Be In Austin!

Last week, it was finally and officially announced by the USTA - the 2011 Davis Cup World Group Quarterfinal tie between the United States and Spain will be played July 8 through 10, 2011 in Austin, Texas. My reaction to this? Yay!!! Austin in only a 3 hour drive away so I plan to make this tie a mini-vacation-getaway for myself and at least one other lucky friend this summer. While I think that lucky friend will be my husband, we'll see if he can work up the necessary enthusiasm to be invited along to an event of this magnitude.

If you're interested in getting in on the action, I recommend you visit the USTA's David Cup web page, found by clicking here: USTA - Davis Cup Austin. Tickets don't go on sale until April 4, but you can sign up for e-mail updates and hopefully get good seats by purchasing tickets early.

Should you be unable to attend - it is my intention to be there and give a full blow-by-blow report to my Tennis Fixation followers. It will be the next best thing to seeing Andy and Rafa face off in person!

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March 25, 2011

What's Black And White And Cute All Over?

Note: Be sure and read this piece because there's a Tennis Fixation Giveaway at the end!

I just received my latest piece from the wonderful ladies at 4all by jofit. It's the Tennis Skort in the black and white mosaic design from their just released New Orleans collection. As soon as I opened my package and saw this skort, I knew that it would go with almost everything I already own. I mean - it's black and white. I own a lot of black and white tennis gear and I bet you do too.

So, I wore my new 4all tennis skort yesterday with a black racer back top (I think red and hot pink would look good too), my favorite white hat with black trim, and the white 4all Thumbs Up Jacket they previously sent me (which I wore out square dancing, remember?). I wore this outfit all day long, to my tennis lesson, to tennis drills, to the mall and to my son's elementary school, to the grocery store, and to dinner. I even made my husband come out and hit balls with me so he could take some pictures of me. So, for your viewing pleasure, here's a few shots of me in my new 4all skort after over 12 hours of wear and tear:

Here's what I'm thinking - the skort looks great. My service form leaves a lot to be desired.

Well, I love my new tennis skort and I think you would love one too. That's why I'm very, very pleased that 4all is giving me a second New Orleans Tennis Skort that I can give away to one of my wonderful Tennis Fixation followers! It will even be in your size (because we'll figure that out after you win). How do you get a chance to win this lovely item? Easy!
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March 23, 2011

It's Looking Like Davis Cup Will Be In Austin!

Apparently, Andy Roddick confirmed on the radio this morning that the July 8-10 Davis Cup match between the U.S. and Spain will be played in Austin! Hooray! I already have my hotel reservation! This seems like a good reason to re-run my favorite Andy Roddick pic.

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Happy Birthday Bethanie Mattek-Sands!

Today is the birthday of the third-highest ranked American woman in tennis - Bethanie Mattek-Sands. Happy Birthday Bethanie!  Bethanie is ranked No. 43 in Women's Singles by the WTA and is No. 12 in Doubles.

I have been a fan of Bethanie for a while now because she is such a fun player. So, in tribute to her and in celebration of her birthday, I've collected some photos of Bethanie in some of her interesting "tennis couture." This is what she's really known for. I hope you enjoy seeing her in these outfits as much as I do.

Here is a fabulous shot from Bethanie's website - (which is currently under construction so I'm expecting to see some all new glamour shots soon):

This cheetah-inspired outfit is from the 2007 U.S. Open:

Here is a really well-known photo of Bethanie in a gold-lame' tennis outfit. And you thought you couldn't wear gold-lame' on the court. Well, maybe you can't. And I certainly can't. But Bethanie can:

In this photo, you can see Bethanie in her iconic knee socks, the look for which she's best known:

Finally, I had to include this shot of her wedding, in which she wore a black gown:

I know - you didn't wear a black gown on your wedding day and neither did I. But Bethanie did and that's why I love her! Happy Birthday Bethanie! And best of luck in this year's matches!

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March 21, 2011

Stay Tuned For Davis Cup Announcement In Austin

FYI - the United States Tennis Association has scheduled a news conference for this Wednesday afternoon at the University of Texas Erwin Center in Austin, Texas.  It's expected that the USTA will announce that Austin has been selected as the host city for the United States' second-round Davis Cup match. Although it's not a done-deal yet, I want to go on record as saying "Yay!" As soon as it's official, I'll post it here on Tennis Fixation!

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Punished For Poaching - It's A Good Thing!

I'm really trying to push myself to poach more and more lately. So here's something I found somewhere on-line and I try to keep it in mind when poaching.

If you poach more, or even try to poach more, you will occasionally be "punished" and look a little foolish. Even if you're a great poacher, you can still miss and risk looking slightly ridiculous. But that's OK, because for every time you miss the poach and "give away" one point, you will probably win five other points.

So that's why I keep on poaching. The good news is the looking foolish, ridiculous and/or silly part comes pretty naturally!

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March 18, 2011

Tennis Elbow? Try This

One of my favorite tennis sites is because it brings together all kinds of great info regarding health, nutrition, fitness, diet, and injury prevention with a very specific focus on tennis. A recent post that caught my eye was Simple Exercise Relieves Tennis Elbow Pain. I myself have previously posted about the horror of tennis elbow. Just check out Tennis Elbow (Part 1) - What Is It? and Tennis Elbow (Part 2) - How To Treat It. As these posts point out, up to half of all tennis players will deal with tennis elbow at some point in their tennis-playing careers. So the article is great in that it highlights an exercise that's easy to do at home to deal with this often debilitating injury. It includes links to video demonstrations showing you how this simple exercise, which involves twisting a small rubber bat or baton, is performed. To me, it looks like something you could do on the court while watching other matches. Or wherever. Head over to to check out this great article and then see what else they have to offer - I guarantee you'll find something useful to help your game.

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March 16, 2011

Searching For The Perfect Tennis Breakfast

I was playing a match yesterday and serving to win the first set tiebreaker, my team being up 6-4 (a first to 7 tiebreaker). I faulted my first serve and was bouncing the ball to take my second serve when I suddenly thought, "I'm really hungry!" Not where will I put this serve. Not how much spin should I put on this. Not even be calm and play out each point. No, I was thinking how I hoped we won the tiebreaker so I could go see if there was a banana on the snack table.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not what you need to have running through your mind when you are serving out the first set tiebreaker.

After we won that point (Yay!), and the tiebreaker, I found a banana, wolfed it down, and then went on, with my partner, to win the second set 6-2, and thus the whole match (of course, I'm going to throw that in there).

But my point here is - I think I need to come up with a better breakfast option for myself, especially on match days, so that I'm not just adding to my problems on the court by suddenly focusing on the need for food instead of the need to play out my match.

This morning was my first attempt at that. Just see the lovely photo above. This is a warm bowl of steel cut oatmeal with a little soy butter and soy milk mixed in, and topped with blueberries and cinnamon. Doesn't that sound good? Kind of bed-and-breakfast-y? I think the only thing that might have made this a bit more healthy and protein-ish was if I had mixed in some almonds or pecans but I didn't have any that weren't salted.

Here's my whole breakfast, including my Tinker Bell coffee mug:

And here's a shot of that mug, Front:

And Back:

The good news is that my family is beyond thinking that it is weird that I am taking pictures of oatmeal.

So I ate this breakfast at 8:00 a.m. (later than I usually eat), had a lesson at 9:00 a.m., did some errands, came home, and didn't feel hungry until about 11:30 a.m. Thus, the steel cut oatmeal breakfast lasted me about 3 1/2 hours. I think that's pretty good and I will use this breakfast on match days for awhile.

Do you have great breakfast suggestions? Let me know what you eat to make it through your matches.

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March 14, 2011

Follow ALL The Action With The ATP/WTA Live App

If you want to be absolutely on top of what is happening in the world of pro tennis, its easy during the Slams because each Slam has its own app. But what about the rest of the year? What about those other tournaments? Well, now there's an app for that.

I just downloaded the ATP/WTA Live app to my iTouch. (Yes, I admit it - I don't have an iPhone yet. I'm still using a Blackberry. Which i happen to like.) Right now, the BNP Paribas Open is going on in Indian Wells. And this app is feeding me the draw, the order of play, completed match scores, live scores, and live match statistics. So I can see that, at this very moment, Melanie Oudin is up 2 points in her first set tiebreaker against Elena Vesnina. I can even see that Elena just faulted on her first serve and is hitting a second. Pretty amazing!

I can also see what's happening on the Challenger Tour so I'll be able to keep up with some of those up-and-coming players I keep hearing about.

And I can check the most current ATP and WTA rankings. That's how I know that Bethanie Mattek-Sands, a player I love to follow, is currently ranked No. 43 in WTA singles, the third highest US woman behind Venus Williams (No. 8) and Serena Williams (No. 11).  

The best thing about this app? It's free. All of the good ones are. So download the ATP/WTA Live app and keep up with ALL of the tennis action.

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March 12, 2011

Davis Cup In Austin (Maybe)!

You may know that the United States Davis Cup team (now captained by Jim Courier) recently beat down Chile, 4-1, in their first round tie and comes up next against Spain. And there is a very, very good likelihood that the next tie, in which the U.S. takes on Spain (think Rafael Nadal) will take place in Austin, Andy Roddick's hometown. The other two towns in contention are San Antonio and Albany, New York but those who predict these kinds of things are predicting that the powers-that-select-the-site will favor Austin in support of Roddick. This U.S. vs. Spain tie takes place July 8 through 10 and I am watching the news on this very, very closely because if its in Austin, I'm going. Come on powers-that-select - select Austin!

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March 10, 2011

Fitness Wear That's Appropriate For . . . Square Dancing!

So I put on my Team4all outfit last week and headed out to give it a try on the tennis court. But first - I had to square dance.

Here in Houston it's rodeo time and, at my son's school, that means its square dancing time. So, before my match, I went to my baby's school to get my dosey-doh on. I got one of the other moms to take a pic of us and if you're wondering why we're standing so far apart, as if we're being chaperoned at a cotillion, it is because, as my son informed me, "Mom, you can't stand so close or we can't dance right." Who am I to question the 5th Grader with knowledge of square dance position and etiquette? I backed off because, of course, I want to dance right. And if you're thinking, "Hey, that kid has kind of a Justin Bieber hair thing going on," you're right. We know. We're hoping our son will get past this soon.

As you can see, I have on my 4all by jofit tennis outfit: the Striped Inset Tank in white with navy accents, the navy Side Pocket Knit Skort, and - my favorite piece - the white Thumbs Up Jacket. And, as I totally expected, the piece that got the most questions and compliments was the Thumbs Up Jacket. I'm just telling you - this is something that makes every outfit I put on look just a little bit more put together, or finished off, or something. It is so much more hip than my usual Old Navy hoodie look.

After square dancing my heart out, I played my match (lost that one - urrggg!) and naturally forgot to get anyone to take my photo while I was playing in my 4all outfit. But I can tell you - I was very comfortable in it, there was no tugging on the skirt or yanking the top back down after serving. And that's really what I'm looking for in my tennis wear - something I can play in without fighting against. I have enough problems out there without also worrying if I'm revealing too much skin on the court.

Conclusion - love my 4all outfit! And I can't wait to see what comes next.

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March 9, 2011

Yoga For Tennis: Downward Dog - Yes, Full Camel - Not There Yet

I said I was going to give yoga a try and so I'm happy, and just a little sore, to report that I have completed several sessions, enough that I lost count, for the new year!

I'm pretty sure if I regularly practiced yoga, my tennis game would benefit. In fact, I posted about that here: Yoga Can Improve Your Tennis. And let's face it - I'm at "that age" where I need all of the stretching and relaxing that I can get.

So, I'm keeping at it with the yoga. But here's my confession -I haven't actually gone to a real yoga class. I've been way too embarrassed. I have several yoga DVDs from Gaiam and have worked my way through most of them. My strategy has been to work out first and then follow with a yoga session. Some of these have been very short (15 minutes) and/or very relaxing. The one I did today, "Lower Body Yoga," seemed very long (35 minutes) and was not relaxing at all until the last 3 minutes. In other words, it was a lot like working out!

But I'm starting to believe I could actually go to a yoga class and not feel like a complete klutz. So that is what I'm going to do next week - go to an actual yoga class with actual people and an actual instructor who can tell me why my Downward Dog is all wrong.

Here's the Downward Dog pose in case you have no idea what I'm talking about:

If you think Downward Dog looks easy, you've obviously never tried it. While Downward Dog is great for stretching the entire backside of your legs, its not an easy pose to hold for very long. Unfortunately, it seems to be the lead-in to a lot of other poses. So the bottom line is you have to be able to do Downward Dog.

Here is my current least favorite pose:

This is the Full Camel Pose. Notice in the photo how this person has her head WAY back. That is what is giving me issues. I can't seem to get into the pose, get my head that far back and remain balanced - all at the same time. And she looks pretty relaxed too. I'm pretty sure my face is twisted into a painful grimace when I'm attempting Full Camel.

One more thing - and probably the most important thing - the final reason I'm going to keep at the yoga? The clothes. Yoga wear is just too cute and is perfect for tennis. It's a whole new shopping category for me and that's more than enough to keep me downward doggin' it. Namaste.

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March 7, 2011

How To Fire Your Tennis Coach

"What do you mean I'm fired?!"
This is part 6 of a series on getting the most from your tennis lessons.

Is it time to fire your tennis coach? Here are a few clues that it might be time to let him or her go:
  • Your tennis lessons have become stale, boring and unenjoyable.
  • Your lessons consist of you going through the same drills, over and over.
  • You can't recall anything new or challenging you've learned lately.
  • Your coach isn't interested in talking about your matches or your on-court problems.
  • Your coach is often late or cancels lessons at the last minute.
  • You are often late or cancel lessons at the last minute.
  • You dread going to your tennis lesson.
If you've experienced any of these scenarios, its time to take a good, hard look at your tennis lessons and your coach and think about moving on.

Firing your coach can be a very touchy issue for many players, especially women. Although we love confrontation on the court, in our personal life, we tend to avoid it. And "firing" someone has confrontation written all over it. Plus, our tennis coach is our buddy and pal, right? We can't just fire someone who we're such good friends with, can we?

We not only can, sometimes we should.

So how do you handle this delicate situation? Well, I've parted ways with at least three coaches, one of whom I've returned to several times. So, I'm speaking from experience when I tell you there's a way to do it that will leave you and your soon-to-be ex-coach on good terms. Here's how I've parted ways with my tennis coaches:

1. Address the issue head-on. This might be the hardest part - just broaching the whole topic. But you're the one paying for these lessons so you need to get a handle on what's happening and address your perceived lack of progress with your lessons. This means having a direct discussion, face to face or by phone, with your coach about your decision to quit your lessons. This means NOT avoiding the situation by failing to show up to lessons and refusing to return calls. Evading the issue will only make it worse and more uncomfortable for you and turns you into the bad guy.

2. Be honest. Communicate why you've decided its time for you and your coach to split. By letting him or her know your reasons for ending your lessons, you provide a chance for your coach to correct the situation, maybe even resulting in your deciding to keep up your lessons. You also help your coach improve his or her teaching style or methods for other students, which doesn't help you much but is a great benefit to your coach and the tennis community out there.

3. Don't burn bridges! I promise you - the coach you fire today is the coach you return to in six months. So end your coaching relationship on a positive note. Don't be a jerk to him or her (even if he or she is a jerk to you). Why? Perhaps you're really just taking a break from private lessons for a while and may return at a later date when you have more time. Or more money. Or more interest in private lessons. And any of those reasons would be great reasons to quit your lessons and communicate to your coach.

Follow these simple steps and I promise you, you'll feel good about how you fired your now ex-coach. And - bonus - when you bump into him or her around your tennis club, you won't feel like running in the opposite direction.

Want to read other posts in this series? Just click on these titles and find out how to get the most from your tennis lessons:

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This post originally appeared on Tennis Fixation's blog page on the Tennis Now website. Click here to read this and other great Tennis Fixation posts on Tennis Now!

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March 5, 2011

Follow-Up Re Aiming For Your Tennis Opponent

Last week, I posted a quick tennis fix on aiming your shots at your doubles opponents, especially the ones up at the net (just check out Quick Tennis Fix: Aim For Your Doubles Opponent). This post went straight to the Tennis Fixation Facebook page where follower Tom Genzlinger posted this great comment:
I don't think hitting your opponent with the ball is a faux pas. I teach my advanced students to volley at the opponents forehand hip, and intermediates aim at the lower body. Aiming for the feet is okay, but too often, at 2.5 and 3.0 levels, that ball is left short or hit directly into the net. In my 40 + years of playing, I've never felt as though it was unfair to hit me. Almost every time I was hit it was because of my failure to move my feet,or failure to hit a good enough shot.

Tom's comment says it way better than I can and he's certainly got the experience to back it up. I especially like his observation that if he gets hit, most likely its his own fault. Conclusion - keep aiming for those opponents!

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March 4, 2011

Swim Cover Or Cheap Tennis Skirt?

I was shopping in Academy (my local discount sporting goods store) yesterday for running shorts and somehow found myself in their bathing suit section. I even tried on a bathing suit. That's the bad news. But the good news is I came across these little skirts by Body Glove. I think they are intended to be swim suit covers to wear around the pool but, in my opinion, they make great tennis skirts. They're short, flouncy and come in white, black and turquoise, the basic tennis colors. I seem to remember Nike having a skirt with tiers of flounces on it a few seasons ago and, while I loved that skirt, it was $75 so I passed it by. Well, these Body Glove skirts are only $19.99 each. So you can buy all 3 and still not spend $75. Which reflects my shopping philosophy in this type of situation - the more you buy, the more you save. Right?

March 3, 2011

Quick Tennis Fix: Aim For Your Doubles Opponent

Yes, that's right. The Quick Tennis Fix today is to aim for your doubles opponent. Especially if he or she is at the net. In fact, most definitely if he or she is at the net. While its a tennis faux pas to hit your opponent, there's nothing at all wrong with aiming your shot at your opponent's feet. Why? Because this is a hard shot to return. Your opponent has little reaction time, has to bend down to get the ball, and has to hit up to get the ball back over the net, all leading to the probability that you'll get a nice little sitter to put away. So go for it. Aim for your doubles opponent. And if you should happen to accidentally hit him or her, a nice apology should take care of everything. If not, hey - at least you won the point!

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March 2, 2011

Michelle Obama Wears Lululemon!

So yesterday I posted about Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign and commented on how much I loved the jacket she wore in a recent PSA. You can see it by clicking on this post - "Let's Move" Moves To Tennis With Michelle Obama - and viewing the video. I wondered if this very cute jacket might possibly be from lululemon. Well, great minds obviously think alike because Tennis Fixation follower Tamara wondered the same thing. But Tamara was smart enough to contact lululemon, and, as you can see from the screen shot below, she got actual confirmation that Michelle was wearing a lululemon jacket but from a past season:

So now I can say - I wear the same designer as Michelle Obama! And Tamara probably does too! Thanks Tamara for forwarding your e-mail to me and letting me know this important tennis fashion news.

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March 1, 2011

"Let's Move!" Moves To Tennis With Michelle Obama

Did you catch the BNP Paribas Showdown on ESPN last night? Hopefully, you were tuned in right from the beginning in which case you got to see this great PSA featuring Michelle Obama, Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf:

I love Andre - what an actor.

This PSA is just a small part of Ms. Obama's nationwide "Let's Move" campaign which is seeking to fight childhood obesity by getting children to eat healthier and get moving for an hour a day. The campaign has an excellent website - - where you can find a ton of useful information for getting not only your kids, but also yourself moving.

And kudos to the USTA for getting involved with Let's Move and tying it into their own "10 and Under" tennis initiative. The USTA is hoping to bring more children into tennis by introducing smaller courts and kid-sized equipment to tennis and, soon, to USTA youth tournaments. During last night's Showdown, Patrick McEnroe, USTA's General Manager for Player Development, talked about how they hope these kid-friendly changes will attract more young players to the game and, eventually, hopefully, produce more American tennis champions. Geez, I hope he's right.

My favorite part of this whole thing? Yes, I enjoyed seeing Andre and Pete Sampras play (Sampras won by the way - 6-3, 7-5). And yes, I liked seeing clips of the John McEnroe and Ivan Lendl match-up (McEnroe had to retire due to injury after leading 6-3 in the one-set, first-to-eight match). But what I loved was Michelle Obama's jacket! I mean I LOVED that jacket and I have been searching for it all morning. I thought it might be a Adidas by Stella McCartney jacket since Andre and Steffi were wearing Adidas in the PSA but I couldn't find it in the current collection. Then I thought it might be lululemon but, same thing, its not there. I even found a great site - Mrs. O - that follows the fashion of Mrs. Obama, keeping us up to date with what and whom she's wearing. But again - no luck. I'll bet this info will come out some time today and, if it does, I'll let you know.

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