September 1, 2010

Yoga Can Improve Your Tennis!

Happy National Yoga Month! Yes, September is National Yoga Month and, believe it or not, this is pertinent to all of us tennis fanatics because yoga can actually improve your tennis game. And I know we are all looking for that next "fix" that will take our game to a higher level.

So what can yoga do for you on the court?

First, it can improve your flexibility and balance.  Yoga helps you stretch your muscles in new and different ways, ways that you're probably not doing out on the tennis court.  And many yoga poses require you to hold and stabilize yourself, boosting your body awareness and balance.

Second, yoga can reduce and even prevent injuries. It can do this, again, through increasing your flexibility and body awareness.

Finally, through meditation and breathing techniques, yoga can improve your mental focus. Yes, yoga may actually help you get into "the zone", that mental state we're all searching for during our matches.

Am I doing yoga to improve my tennis game?  As of today, I am! If you're ready to get hooked on yoga to improve your tennis, check out this article: Yoga for Great Tennis. It has some specific moves you can try out to hopefully up your game right now.

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