Hi! I'm Kim and I started the Tennis Fixation blog because I am completely fixated on tennis! I love playing and am willing to put lots of time, energy and, yes, even money into improving my game. Oh, and I want to have a good time while I'm doing it.

When I first started playing tennis, I searched and searched for a blog for tennis players like me - someone who is not a pro, didn't play in college, and didn't play when I was a kid. Someone who had just taken up the sport, was totally obsessed with it and wanted to get better - FAST! But I couldn't find anything like that. So I started my own blog - Tennis Fixation!

To improve my game and feed my fixation, I play tennis three to four times a week - mostly doubles. I'm currently on three teams, take a weekly private lesson, love drills and clinics, and have plenty of opinions about my teams, my captains, my coaches and even professional tennis. I talk about tennis and think about tennis all the time. And I do it right here at Tennis Fixation!

If I sound a lot like you, then Tennis Fixation is where you want to be. This blog is a resource where you will find great tips, techniques and strategies to quickly and easily improve your game - things that ordinary players can put into action right away to see real results. You'll also find lots of info about the fun part of tennis - the clothes, the gear, the pros, the food (!). I love to review and tell my readers about anything associated with tennis, whether its the latest tennis book, a really great line of equipment or fabulous tennis outfits - stuff that makes you look like you know what you're doing out there.

Any time I review a product, you can be sure that I have read the book, tried out the equipment or eaten the snack myself. I do not post reviews about every product that I try, only the ones that I love and that meet Tennis Fixation's high standards. I want to provide you with the information that I have found useful to help you make an informed decision about the products that you buy and use. I will always tell you my true feelings and welcome your feedback.

I am not paid for my posts, my reviews or anything else I say on this blog and am not employed by any of the companies that I write about (or anyone else for that matter). If I ever reach that point, I will fully disclose my ties. I do, on occasion, receive samples from companies who want me to try out and review their products and I also purchase products on my own.

I hope you enjoy reading Tennis Fixation as much I enjoy writing it. I look forward to hearing from you and hope you're enjoying your fixation with tennis as much as I'm enjoying mine!


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