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Thanks for your interest in becoming a Tennis Fixation sponsor. Tennis Fixation is a blog for players who love tennis and play a lot. While Tennis Fixation is followed by all kinds and levels of players, the focus is on adult women who enjoy tennis, are educated, belong to a club or other dedicated tennis facility and regularly play league tennis. They are fitness-, health-, fashion- and beauty conscious. They have the resources to put into their favorite sport and want to make sure they're playing with the best racquets, the right strings, the cutest shoes, the latest bags and the most fashion-forward tennis outfits. If this sounds like the players that you'd like to reach, becoming a Tennis Fixation sponsor may be right for you.

Here is some information that you may find helpful. Tennis Fixation was created in December of 2008, and immediately started to take off. Since then, the site has grown every month. For 2010, here are some sample analytics:
  • over 8,000 absolute unique visitors
  • over 16,000 page views occurred
  • over 25 visits occurred per day
In October of 2011, Tennis Fixation had over 125 e-mail subscribers, over 180 Twitter followers, and over 50 Facebook followers. Every Tennis Fixation post appears on Twitter and Facebook and sponsors are highlighted on these sites.

Tennis Fixation offers the following types of sponsorships:

XL Ad [185 x 220 pixels]
1 Month: $75 USD
Only ONE XL Ad featured on Tennis Fixation per month
Located at the top of the right sidebar for the month
Static ads only
Includes a feature post, interview, or guest post and optional solo giveaway

Large Ad [185 x 140 pixels]
1 Month: $40 USD
Located at the top of the right sidebar for the month, under the XL Ad
Limited to a few advertisers each month to allow maximum viewabililty
Static ads only
All Large Ad Sponsors will be part of a mid-month post and optional group giveaway

Small Ad [185 x 80 pixels]
1 Month: $20 USD
Located in the right sidebar under the Large Ads
Static ads only

Bulk Ad Packages: Purchase ad space for 3 or more months and receive $10 off each month! Email me at thetennisfixation@gmail.com for more info!

To secure your spot or to request any additional info, please email me at thetennisfixation@gmail.com. To reserve your space, your ad image, desired link for ad, and payment must be received no later than 6:00 p.m. CST on the last day of the previous.

Disclosure: I only endorse products, shops, websites and blogs that I love and believe are consistent with Tennis Fixation. I reserve the right to refuse sponsorship if I feel the sponsorship is not right for Tennis Fixation. All sponsored giveaways and items for review are clearly noted. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact me at thetennisfixation@gmail.com.

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