March 21, 2011

Punished For Poaching - It's A Good Thing!

I'm really trying to push myself to poach more and more lately. So here's something I found somewhere on-line and I try to keep it in mind when poaching.

If you poach more, or even try to poach more, you will occasionally be "punished" and look a little foolish. Even if you're a great poacher, you can still miss and risk looking slightly ridiculous. But that's OK, because for every time you miss the poach and "give away" one point, you will probably win five other points.

So that's why I keep on poaching. The good news is the looking foolish, ridiculous and/or silly part comes pretty naturally!

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PokerFiend said...

That's exactly the kind of blog I've been looking for. CHEERS!

Karen said...

so true. I have so many friends who are afraid of the net. you just have to try. get up there and poach away. if you miss you miss but eventually you will get better!

Kim at TennisFixation said...

The great thing about a poach is when it works - it feels awesome!