March 3, 2011

Quick Tennis Fix: Aim For Your Doubles Opponent

Yes, that's right. The Quick Tennis Fix today is to aim for your doubles opponent. Especially if he or she is at the net. In fact, most definitely if he or she is at the net. While its a tennis faux pas to hit your opponent, there's nothing at all wrong with aiming your shot at your opponent's feet. Why? Because this is a hard shot to return. Your opponent has little reaction time, has to bend down to get the ball, and has to hit up to get the ball back over the net, all leading to the probability that you'll get a nice little sitter to put away. So go for it. Aim for your doubles opponent. And if you should happen to accidentally hit him or her, a nice apology should take care of everything. If not, hey - at least you won the point!

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