January 15, 2011

Tennis Fashion Fix: Australian Open 2011 - Maria Sharapova

The Australian Open is now just days away from kicking off and that means the tennis fashion is starting to roll out. Maria Sharapova introduced her Aussie Open 2011 outfit at a press conference at the Crown Casino in Melbourne. Get a load of the video:

Now, if you don't have the patience to get through a 2 minute video (come on!), here's a photo from the interview:

Image: Ben Solomon

And here's a shot of her posing for photographers:

Image: Ben Solomon

The front of the dress:

Image: Getty Images

And the back of the dress:

Image: Getty Images

This is the Oz Open Ace Dress or the Maria Sharapova Statement Ace Dress (depending on where you look). The colors here are typical Nike: a "Wolf Gray" body with "Peach Cream" highlights.

Now, I want you to know that I actually wrote a whole other post about this dress, concluding: "Maria looks good in this get-up but I won't and neither will most of the tennis-wear-buying general public. I anticipate seeing the dress and probably the rest of the collection on sale at my local tennis shop not too long after the conclusion of the Australian Open." And, after seeing this video and these photos, I'm still standing by that statement.

But, here's the thing - I really do LIKE this dress! Maria looks fantastic in it, like some kind of super-model. I can see why Nike loves sponsoring her. She just SELLS this outfit. I only wish I could put this thing on and look that good. And, while I know that won't happen until I grown another 10 inches, I'm a sucker for the advertising here. I'm definitely going to go to my local tennis shop and at least try this dress on. And I'll consider buying it when it goes on sale.

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Anonymous said...

I like Maria. Maria looks fantastic in this dress