December 12, 2008

Santa's Tennis Gift Guide

I was shopping in my favorite tennis store today because I heard they had a huge holiday sale going on. And they did! Thirty percent off all apparel - including all new Nike, which is pretty much what I wear. But looking around, I saw so many cute tennis items that I would love to give to my tennis buddies and would by happy to receive myself. So here are my top five things "Santa" could bring me this year that I would put to good use on the court:

1. Tennis Socks - You cannot have enough socks. I think my kids wear mine. Lately, I have seen really colorful, fun tennis socks that I know they wouldn't steal from me. My favorites: sassy ankle socks with the words "Tennis Snob" in rhinestones.

2. Instructional Videos & DVDs - Hasn't everything about tennis been filmed and said already? Apparently not. There are plenty of new videos and DVDs out there and, since I am a sucker for anything I think might improve my game, I would love to have some of the new releases.

3. Tennis Books - Along the same lines as #2, there are so many new books - not all instructional. I haven't even read James Blake's autobiography yet so that would be new to me. It is definitely something I'll be looking for under my tree.

4. Tennis Bag - My first one was basic black. My second was a purple (gasp!) tote. But I now have my eye on one that's a double-racquet Pucci-inspired bag, hot pink and yellow, with lots of room for balls, water bottles, sunscreen, etc. This will give exactly the right message to opponents when I arrive on the court, especially with the rhinestone socks above (Message: This girl spends way too much money on tennis!).

5. Tennis PJs and Slippers - OK, so these won't help my game out much. But they were too cute and, if I'm thinking about tennis in my sleep, it can't hurt. Right?

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