January 6, 2009

Australian Open "Fashion"?

The 2009 Australian Open is right around the corner - it starts on January 19. So I was, of course, wondering what the top women players would be wearing. Another way to put this - I was wondering what kind of tennis wear will be coming out for me to buy in the next month or so. Well, if what the players are supposed to wear is any indication of what will be available for me to wear, it's not looking good. Here is a sample of what the players may wear at the Australian Open and my less than appreciative comments.

These are the dresses that Maria Sharapova is supposed to wear at the Australian Open. I like the ombre shading on both and I like the white/black dress. But yellow and brown? Does anyone look good in yellow and brown?

This is the dress that Ana Ivanovic is supposed to wear. While I like the color, the whole thing looks a little . . . dowdy. A drop waist? Gathering and weird draping? I thought she was younger than me. This looks like something my grandma would wear if she took up tennis.

This is what Serena Williams is supposed to wear at the 2009 Australian Open. Pink with black trim. I'm pretty sure I already own this outfit. Can't Nike come up with something more exciting for Serena? Lord knows she'll wear almost anything (remember the U.S. Open catsuit?). This outfit is just bor-ing.

If these are my options, I may not do too much tennis shopping in the next month or so. Hopefully we'll see cuter things come out for the French Open.

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