January 21, 2009

A Great Day To Be An American Tennis Fan!

It was really fun flipping back and forth between the Australian Open and all of the Inaugural Balls last night. Michelle Obama nailed it in her glamorous white one-shoulder gown by 26 year-old (!!!) designer Jason Wu.

Do they care about the inauguration of our first African American President down in Australia? Of course they do! Here is a great excerpt from the post-match interview done with James Blake after he beat Frank Dancevic of Canada in the first round of the Australian Open, right before the inaugural events:
Q. Coming up in just a few hours, Barack Obama's inauguration, does that have any significance to you, being African American?

JAMES BLAKE: Absolutely has significance to me. I hope it has significance to a lot of people in the States. We're in a time that seems very historic. We're looking for positive change in the States. We're in some situations that are less than ideal in our country. I think if there's any man for the job that's ahead of him that can deal with the tasks and the pressures of being President in this tumultuous time, it's Barack Obama.

I was proud to donate and help with the campaign. I'm proud to ‑‑ I'm always proud to say I'm an American, but I'm going to be especially proud at 4 a.m. here. It's going to be a very significant inauguration, a very significant presidency to have the first African American in power. Hopefully it will knock down more doors.

It was so great to see an African American and a female running for the highest office in our country. I really think there's no one better qualified for the job than Barack Obama right now.
Good luck to James in his remaining matches!

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