April 22, 2009

Recycling Tennis Balls

Today is Earth Day! As a tennis player, there is plenty you can do to go green. How about finding creative ways to recycle all of those old tennis balls? We all know people with dogs love them. But here are a few more ideas:

1. Toss a few tennis balls in the dryer to fluff up comforters, jackets or other heavy items.
2. Protect a trailer hitch with a tennis ball. Apparently people don’t like their trailer hitches getting scratched.
3. Make a small “safe” for valuables by cutting a 2” slit in the ball and storing small valuables inside. Be careful that this ball doesn't get used or thrown out!
4. Hang a tennis ball from the ceiling in the garage so it hits the car’s windshield when the car is in the right parking spot. No more hitting the garage wall as I have done. Really.
5. Cut an X into 4 balls and use on chair or table legs to protect the floors. Supposedly, elementary schools love this.
6. Strengthen your grip by squeezing on a tennis ball. You could keep one in your car just for this!

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cannon said...

Kim -
You should send your tennis balls to our firm - Rebounces.com
We are the only tennis ball recyling company in the US and through our proprietary technology are able to give old balls new life.
- Cannon

Kim said...

OK - I'm emailing my 4 tennis teams and collecting 250 balls as quickly as I can to send to you. I promise a follow-up blog post on this! Thanks for the great idea and for a very useful resource.