May 21, 2009

Quick Tennis Fix: Hydrate!

Warm weather is definitely here and as matches drag on, the temperatures go up and up. To keep yourself going in those three-setters, or long two-setters, drink plenty of water - before, during and after your match. And remember that the time to drink is not when you feel thirsty. By then, its too late. You're on your way to dehydration. Hydrate yourself well in advance of your match to keep playing! For more tips on drinking and hydration, click here to check out my "Drink! Drink! Drink!" post.

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Andy Selzman said...

Great blog on the importance of hydration. It is extremely important to stay well hydrated during physical activity to prevent the formation of kidney stones. As summer approaches, the risk of dehydration and stone formation increases. In fact, urologist call this time of year "stone season." So please stress to all of your tennis friends to keep drinking water before, during and after their matches. Thanks for the great information. Andrew A. Selzman, M.D. Medical Director of the Division of Urology of Texas Oncology.

Kim said...

Thanks for your insights!