June 12, 2009

Quick Tennis Fix: Wear Them Down!

OMG! I was in a doubles tennis clinic the other day and heard the greatest tip! It was hot, hot, hot by the time this clinic started. And it just got hotter as we were hitting. The pro said when it's hot like this, and you think you're in better physical condition than your opponent, you need to make them hit as many balls as possible. Just keep them out there on the court as long as you can and wear them down. I don't know why I hadn't thought about it this way! I get so impatient that I just want to hit the winner and finish the point. Yet I have seen so many ladies go completely limp in the heat, to the point that their early match play really has no relation to what they are doing by the end of the match. So - make friends with the sun (wearing your sunscreen of course)! If you feel like you can keep going in the sun longer than your opponent, make them play a few extra balls each point and wear them down.

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tennischick said...

my coach told me this just yesterday. it was brutally hot out there. he literally drew two boxes -- one for forehand placement and the other for backhands, and had me run him side to side without even hitting with too much power. it really works.

Kim said...

It's such an obvious strategy but to me it was a huge revelation. Now I'm waiting for some match I can play in the afternoon when its 98 degrees outside and 110% humidity!