June 25, 2009

Tennis Fashion Fix: The Women Of Wimbledon

Jeez! Maria Sharapova got knocked out of Wimbledon on Wednesday and I suddenly realized, if I'm going to say anything about what the women are wearing, I better hurry up and do it before they all disappear!

So, here is what Maria wore before she exited in Round 2. She came out on court in a cute, military-style jacket . . .

The Championships - Wimbledon 2009 Day One

I like this but don't think its too practical. I get it - dressing Maria Sharapova for Wimbledon is like putting on a Donna Karan show during Fashion Week. But I still think the jacket is pretentious.

Her dress was very form-fitting and had great detailing around the neckline. I'm sure this looks even better up close . . .


And here is what she wore as she exited Wimbledon, also from Nike, and pretty darn cute too . . .

Maria Sharapova crashes out of Wimbledon

It's too bad to see Sharapova out so early, especially since Wimbledon is a favorite tournament for her. But she is on her way back up the rankings and will surely be near the top soon.

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