July 10, 2009

Quick Tennis Fix: Time to Restring!

How often should you restring your racquet? The rule of thumb is you should restring your racquet as many times per year as you play per week. So if you play about three times a week, you should restring about three times per year. You can also take a look at your strings and see just how worn and fuzzy they're getting. If they look like they're about to break, it's probably a good idea to restring. You'll love how much better you hit the ball with a newly strung racquet.

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tennischick said...

I never heard that rule of thumb before about the recommended frequency of restringing. Thanks! :-)

Kim said...

This is what my pro and most of the books I read go by. Honestly - I look at my strings and if I think they are starting to fray, I go ahead and get my racquet restrung. I probably do it more than necessary but I like the feel of how I hit with new strings - my weirdness.