September 12, 2009

Teamwork In Doubles

Well, the US Open was rain-delayed all day yesterday so I had to take a break from my intense TV watching (i.e., flipping back and forth between Tennis Channel and ESPN2). Instead, I surfed around on various tennis blogs and came across a helpful post on doubles strategy. Titled Doubles Strategy: Strenghten Your Doubles Game Through Teamwork, this post emphasizes the importance of working and communicating with your partner. In fact, the whole TennisMindCamp site is worth looking into for great commentary on strategy, technique and the mental game.

Here at Tennis Fixation, we spend a lot of time talking about improving your doubles game. In fact, a lot of my best tips are laid out in the How To Be A Great Doubles Partner post.

Stay tuned - surely the U.S. Open will start up again and I'll get my tennis fix for the day!


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