November 7, 2009

Tennis Snack Fix: Custom Artisinal Cereal!

Custom artisinal cereal? What?

I was recently contacted by Me and Goji to try mixing up my very own "custom artisinal cereal." Me and Goji lets you choose from over 50 healthy, organic ingredients to mix your own cereal or granola. They have an incredibly easy site that holds your hand through the whole process.

First, you pick the base for your cereal. There are a lot of them (too many for me to sit at my computer and count) and they are all over-the-top in how good they are for you. I picked the "Flaxed and Flaked" cereal base as I'm going through this thing with flax seeds lately.

Then, you get to add the fun stuff - all kinds of dried fruits, nuts and seeds. Again, there are plenty of these and for each and every one, a simple click tells you exactly why you would want to put that ingredient in your mix. I picked goji (lots of antioxidants, plus I had no idea what this was), mulberry (full of resveratol so I don't have to just depend on drinking red wine), banana (sweet and yummy), currants (a top source of boron, who knew?), chia (lots of omega-3s, plus it just sounded weird) and amaranth (plenty of lysine, surely I'm low on this).

And then comes the absolute best part - you get to name your cereal! My mix is called Tennis Fixation "Fix My Forehand!" Mix.  I've almost eaten the whole "capsule" full and I can't tell that my forehand has really improved that much.  But I can no longer blame my on-court performance on low boron levels.  And these capsules that your cereal comes shipped in are also too cute.  Just bigger than a tennis ball can, they ensure that, upon arrival, your cereal mix is in perfect shape. 

Now, let's say you're not that creative or you aren't sure exactly what to put with the raw 5-grain muesli mix.  Me and Goji has all kinds of custom mixes they've created and can recommend for you.  I'm very interested in trying the "cereally Invigorating" and the "Whoa! Protein" mixes.

Is this stuff cheap?  No.  With these high-quality ingredients, of course it's not.  But it's also not expensive.  In fact, the cost is comparable to what you pay for a good, organic cereal in the grocery store.  And you can monitor the cost of your mix as you add each ingredient.  While shipping for your first capsule runs $4.99, Me and Goji is running a special right now where additional capsules are shipped for only 99 cents.

I think this is a great way to get a healthy breakfast or snack and, with all of the clever naming possibilities (Save My Serve!), can see my tennis team captains getting custom artisinal cereal as a thank-you gift.  We at Tennis Fixation recommend you check out Me and Goji!


Photo courtesy of Me and Goji
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