December 22, 2009

Tennis Fashion Fix: Australian Open 2010-Ana Ivanovic

If you're keeping up with the Australian Open 2010 countdown widget in the sidebar on the right, you know the next Grand Slam is less than a month away. And here at Tennis Fixation that means we're interested in just one thing - what are the pros going to be wearing?

Well, the previews are already circulating and here, in her dress from Adidas, is what Ana Ivanovic is expected to wear. And I would say those expectations are pretty close to being right as you can see that she herself is the model in these photos. This yellow should really pop against the blue background of the courts at the Aussie Open.

And how great to see Ana wearing a fitted dress, something that shows off her athletic figure!

Remember the awful baggy thing Adidas had her in last year? No? Click here to have your memory sadly refreshed.

I think this dress will be a winner for Ana. And we'll see whether that carries over to her tennis.

Stay tuned to get your Tennis Fashion Fix!


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brandon knight said...

Ana looks absolutely gorgeous! I hope she makes some more deep runs in majors this year.