December 10, 2009

The Tennis Fixation Best-Ever Tennis Gift Guide

The Tennis Fixation Best-Ever Tennis Gift Guide is here! Hooray!

That's right - we here at Tennis Fixation have been working hard, to come up with the greatest tennis gift guide ever - available just for you, our fabulous, incredible readers. These are really cool things you'll want to give to your favorite tennis players to improve their game and make them happy on court. (These are also things you'll want to get so direct the eyes of your most-likely gift givers in this direction.)

Yes, its tennis gift fun for everyone.  Some of these are wonderful "main focus" gifts.  Some of these are super-cute stocking stuffers.  So there's a gift for everyone on your list at every price range - from your fabulous wife who is obsessed with tennis (are you reading this honey?) to your incredible team captain who took your team to the top of your league standings to your friendly team mates who agree to play with you week after week.

To start with, who wouldn't love to receive this "Fantasy" Ultimate Tote tennis bag from Whak Sak? Whak Sak has tons of cool, different bags that you're not going to see every other lady carrying.  Now, don't get me wrong. I love my current bag and have even written whole posts on how much I love it (click here for Happy Tennis Holidays and What's In My Tennis Bag?). But if I had to replace it, this one below has got to be the one I would choose. It's gold and silver zebra print, it can hold 4 racquets and it has a magnetic/removable insulated cooler to hold your water bottle. And did I mention it's zebra print?  Gold and silver zebra print? I bet I could figure out some reason why I need two tennis bags if I thought about it enough. 

How about finally getting serious with a sports watch?  The Polar F6 will tell you more about your work-out than you could possibly want to know. This thing not only tells you your heart rate, it gives you an automatic age-based target zone to shoot for. You can record your weekly exercise time, calories burned and time spent in your target zone. Plus a lot more cool stuff. And it comes in a very cute pink, as well as several other great colors.

If you're really tenacious about tennis and are ready to take it to the next level, its time for some very serious sunglasses.  These are Bolle Kickback tennis sunglasses.  The lens on these babies were specifically designed for tennis - the patented lens mutes all light except optic yellow, the color of a tennis ball, so that the ball supposedly pops out of the background.  I myself have a pair of these very sunglasses and love playing with them.  Put these on for a match and your opponents will definitely get the message - she clearly has spent some money on her sunglasses (you can click here for a web site that sells these are other Bolle sunglasses).

Next is the cutest tennis towel ever. How do I know this is the cutest tennis towel ever? I used to own this. But somehow, SOMEONE accidentally picked this up from my bag at a match I was playing. I'm sure it was an ACCIDENT. Anyway, I love this ("Tennis Chicks" - get it?) and, as tennis towels aren't too expensive, I'm always on the lookout for another one of these to buy for myself (click here for one of the web sites where you can buy this and many other cute tennis towels). But what a sweet gift for your captain or team mates!

Well, you know I love this next item. It is the hot/cold tumbler that was featured in our first ever Tennis Fixation Tennis Gift Giveaway (just click on that post title to enter if you haven't already). Call me crazy but this is exactly the kind of accessory that I find intimidating to come up against on a court. I mean really - if someone is going to walk around with one of these, they've been playing for awhile and are pretty dedicated to tennis. The only thing worse than seeing a competitor carrying this onto the court is watching someone putting on both of their knee braces and their tennis elbow compression thingy before warm-up. (Click here for one of the sites that sells these tumblers in green, blue and red.)

Finally, this is still one of my favs because it is just so darn cute. The tennis ball lip balm from Ballmania. The lip balm is a tasty vanilla flavor and - bonus! - has SPF 20. You can get it with or without the keychain clip and is perfect for throwing into your well-equipped tennis bag. And the price is so reasonable (i.e., cheap!) that you'll want to buy one for everyone on the team, including yourself. Because you deserve some tennis holiday fun too!

That's it for this year's Tennis Fixation Best-Ever Tennis Gift Guide. If you find something fun out there that would make a great tennis gift, be sure and let me know. Happy Holidays!


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