December 12, 2009

Tennis Team Party & Gifts: "Perfect Serve" Cookies!

The holidays are approaching, the tennis season is wrapping up, and that can only mean one thing - end-of-tennis-season parties! I just hosted a luncheon for one of my teams and had to share the very cute gift (or maybe its a party favor) I made for everyone that was the complete and total hit of our get-together. I did the cookies-in-a-jar thing (if you don't know what I'm talking about, you soon will) but gave it a tennis twist by making "Perfect Serve" Cookies.  So here's the finished product, complete with super cute tag showing Santa tossing a tennis ball:

And here's the inside of the tag, with baking instructions.  Note what's written on the left:  "'Perfect Serve' Cookies - Guaranteed to Give You a Perfect Serve!"

And here's what they look like from the backside, where you can see the contents:

And here's the whole big old stack of them, 14 in all for my whole team. I "accidentally" made one for myself too.

Finally, I made up a batch and took this lovely photo, complete with tennis ball decorations.

FYI - 1. My husband wanted to make these for everyone in his office so we were already doing them as a family project. 2. We had to make 52 of them for the office! 3. The ones I made for my tennis team are much cuter than the ones for the office. 4. I ate a lot of these cookies after I made them and my serve is pretty much the same.  Oh well. 

I'm not going into the whole recipe for these things as you can Google "cookies in a jar" and get a gazillion different recipes. Unless of course there is an overwhelming outcry for me to post the recipe. I just thought this was too cute and vaguely tennis-related so I knew you'd all want to see. Happy Holidays!


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