February 3, 2010

Australian Open Wrap-Up: Did Anyone Notice Serena Williams?

Well, the Australian Open has been over for several days and I've seen plenty of news stories about Roger Federer winning his 16th Grand Slam title, beating Andy Murray 6-3, 6-4, 7-6. But what I haven't seen a whole lot of is anyone commenting on the fact that Serena Williams won both the women's singles AND doubles titles. Again. Just as she did last year. 

Am I the only person who thinks this is a remarkable feat?  I'm sure if Roger Federer had won the men's singles AND doubles titles, we would hear no end to what a miraculous accomplishment that was.

Anyway, congratulations to Serena who just becomes more and more impressive in my book.  And, let me also point out how much I loved what she was wearing.  I'm sure lots and lots of those dresses will be sold.  The Maria Sharapova dress, on the other hand, will be available at 75% off in just a few more weeks.  (FYI - the Serena dress was also $20 cheaper at my fav tennis shopping spot!)

Here's Serena in her great Australian Open 2010 dress:

Day 13 - Serena Williams wins the Australian Open

And with the trophy:

Serena Williams Wins - WTA Australian Open

And again with the trophy after hitting the showers:

Off Court At The 2010 Australian Open

And with Venus and the doubles trophy:

Day 13 - Serena and Venus Williams win the women's doubles Final at the Australian Open


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Anonymous said...

I think most of the media were hoping that Serena would crash and burn or that she would be beaten by the best female player to ever play the game (at least in their own minds), Justine Henin. Serena however had a date with destiny and I for one was quite happy that she not only won the singles, but doubles as well. A remarkable achievement in this day and age, and she did it with her legs wrapped in swaths of bandage during the whole tournament. I doubt if we will ever see Fed playing singles and doubles at the majors. Perhaps if he was younger, but I doubt he will risk that especially when he is on the cusp of equalling Sampras' record in terms of number of weeks at No. 1

tennischick said...

agree with anonymous. Serena spoiled the Henin comeback party. good for her!