March 11, 2010

Just A Lucky Shot?

Do you hit winners with the frame of your racquet?  Do you serve aces that land nowhere near where you were aiming?   Do you hit shots that clip the net and somehow end up on the other side of the net, winning you the point?

Don't be embarrassed when this happens!  These may seem like "lucky shots" to you, and to your opponents, but the reality is - those shots only happen because about 85% of what you're doing is right.  Your racquet is pretty darn close to being properly positioned.  Your serve is almost going to the right spot.  Your shot is getting closer and closer to landing exactly where you planned for it to go.  Sure, we all hit "lucky shots."  But the more you practice, the more you try, the more lucky shots you'll hit. 

So don't be humiliated to win the point with these kind of shots.  Be proud!  Take that point and know that you're getting closer to playing exactly as well as you want to play!


© Kim Selzman 2010
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