May 10, 2010

Are You Following TennisTweets?

I don't know if you're into Twitter - I am. I can waste many, many hours following all kinds of people on Twitter. And the people I waste the most time following are tennis players. Because lots of players - pro and not-so-pro - are tweeting about tennis.  (Tennis Fixation included!)

So how wonderful that you can now go to one place and keep up with what the pros are tweeting about! Just go to and you can see tweets from every pro who is saying anything about anything on Twitter. Or you can look in the sidebar to the far right of this very blog, and you'll see the Tennis Tweets widget where the most current tennis pro tweets are scrolling.

The great thing about following these tennis tweets is that a lot of times the pros aren't talking about tennis. For example, Vince Spadea was very critical of the biscotti at Coffee Beans recently. Bob Bryan tweets for the Bryanbros and always has something interesting to report - glass in his trainer's cheeseburger, fishy seared tuna updates, stuff like that.

Because Tennis Fixation is on Twitter (our tweets are also in the sidebar on the right), I already follow a lot of these players. But finding this one place where all of their tweets are put together is a great time saver. And I also learned some interesting Tennis Twitter Trivia at the Tennis Tweets site. Which tennis pro has the most Twitter followers? That would be Serena Williams with 1,628,709 followers! Her sister Venus is a distant second with only 501,142 followers. These two tweet about all kinds of things - not just tennis.  I love reading their stuff.

While I really think you should be a Tennis Fixation Twitter follower, be sure you check out Tennis Tweets, especially when the French Open starts (which is just days away now!).  I'll be checking it out and will update you with anything exciting in the world of Tennis Tweets!

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