May 28, 2010

“Les Espadrilles Sont Tre's Mignon!"

I’m just as crazy about the French Open as the next person and goodness knows I want to see Fernando Verdasco changing shirts between sets. But what I really want to do is shop at Roland Garros. And, guess what? I can!

That's right - Roland Garros has an official on-line boutique so I can shop for all of the French Open tennis gear I want in between watching matches on the Tennis Channel. And I’ve already picked out my absolute favorite, must-have item. It’s these très chic Roland Garros Mauleon espadrilles. I mean, how French are espadrilles?! And these are absolutely fantastique! In a dishy shade of orange (this summer’s hot color) and accented with navy, pink and white, the “terre battue” is barely going to show on these cuties. And the price is totally right – a mere € 19.99, or about $25. And, during the French Open, shipping to the U.S. for these and any other item is only $15! Magnifique!

So I’m not strolling the grounds of Roland Garros right now. I can still feel très à la mode wearing these Mauleon espadrilles all summer long. And I’m sure that if I’m wearing these, someone, somewhere will tell me – “Les espadrilles sont très mignon!” (“Those espadrilles are so cute!”)

If you want to shop at Roland Garros, go to their website – – and click on Shop!

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