May 24, 2010

Tennis Fashion Fix: French Open 2010 - Venus In A Black Lace Negligee???

Is it me? Do I just not get it? All I'm saying is that is looked to me like Venus Williams crushed Patty Schnyder 6-3, 6-3 on Day 1 of the French Open while wearing a black lace negligee. Trimmed in red.

Venus Williams French Open Tennis 2010

So why would you wear something that looks like it might have come off the sale rack at Frederick's of Hollywood when you're competing in a Slam? Well, here's one good reason - publicity. Not only is every tennis site talking about this outfit, so is every sports site, every news site and every celebrity gossip site. Here's my favorite headline from CBS News' Celebrity Circuit blog: Venus Williams' French Open Outfit: Is She Naked?

Maybe you think this is actually a very cute outfit and you're going to rush out today and try to buy it. No such luck. This is a piece from Venus' very own Eleven line - not available to you, me or anyone but Venus. She designed this herself. That means there was no sponsor pressuring her to put this get-up on because that's what they're rolling out for all the tennis moms to play in this summer and they've paid her a lot of money to wear whatever the heck they feel like putting her in. No, this is her design. Her choice.

In my mind, she's a great player, ranked No.2 in the world right now. She could win the French Open! So why wear something this tacky and take the focus away from her game? It must be me. I don't get it.

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tennischick said...

she looks stupid in that get up. i wish she would change it. no one will buy that to play tennis in so what's the point?