June 23, 2010

Isner & Mahut: 59 All In the 5th Set at Wimbledon!

Hopefully you caught at least some of the most incredible match ever played today. At Wimbledon, in the 5th set, John Isner (USA) and Nicolas Mahut (France) are tied 59 all. And play has been called due to darkness. For the second time. This is epic tennis - all kinds of records are being broken. Most games in a set - 118 (so far). Longest set - 7 hours, 6 minutes (so far). Longest match - 10 hours exactly (so far). 192 total aces in the set, 98 of them by Isner (so far!). How fantastic is this? And it all starts back up again tomorrow. What can either of these guys possibly do tonight to get themselves back up mentally and physically for the continuation of the match? I guess we'll see tomorrow!

Photo by Hamish Blair, Getty Images

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ali said...

I can't wait for the game to start again today, it was an awesome match yesterday.