August 26, 2010

The Tennis Fixation Store Is Now Open For Business!

I wanted to let all of my fabulous Tennis Fixation followers know that I have added "The Tennis Fixation Store" to this site to give you a quick and easy way to shop for things to improve your tennis game! 

You can see the screen shot to the left to get an idea of what the Tennis Fixation store looks like (lots of purple and pink of course!) but you can easily visit the whole store - just go to the very top of this page you're reading, look above the colorful tennis balls and the "Tennis Fixation" title, and then click on "The Tennis Fixation Store" link.  You'll be taken to a page on this blog where all of the items that I think are cool for tennis are listed.  You'll see lots of helpful info about the item as well as customer reviews. 

FYI - I want to be sure and disclose that this is an Amazon thingie - I am not yet computer smart enough to set up my own web site that makes money for me.  As my husband will be happy to spend hours telling you.

Also FYI - There may be a few items on here that may or may not actually improve your tennis game - like the Balmania lip balm in the little tennis ball keychain holder.   But these types of items do support the Tennis Fixation philosophy that if you can't be the best tennis player on the court, at least be the cutest!

Happy Tennis Shopping! 

© Kim Selzman 2010 All Rights Reserved

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