February 4, 2011

Quick Tennis Fix: Get Your Racquets Out Of The Car!

I almost learned my lesson this morning. The weather is frigid, the roads are icy, and my husband wanted to take my larger and heavier (than his) car to work. And I was supposed to play indoor tennis indoor later in the morning. Despite the fact that I know I should not keep my tennis racquets in my car (see Quick Tennis Fix: Take Care Of Your Racquet), I had a light bulb moment in the shower this morning when I realized that's exactly where my tennis bag was - in my car. With my racquets. And I wasn't sure if my husband had already left with my car and racquets. I hopped out of the shower, wrapped a towel around me, and ran to the garage. Fortunately, my car was still there. I hid my car keys (so he couldn't drive off) and got back in the shower. I retrieved my tennis bag later, as he was leaving. Those racquets are the key to my success in tennis (ha!) so why can't I remember:

Do not leave your tennis racquets in your car! Whatever the weather - freezing cold or sweltering heat - this is not a good place to store your most expensive piece of tennis equipment.

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