April 6, 2011

Update On U.S. Men's Clay Court Tournament

I'm still driving for the U.S. Men's Clay Court Tournament. Who knew driving a Lexus for 6 to 7 hours a day could be so exhausting?

I did get to watch a little bit of tennis yesterday. I saw the end of the Kei Nishikori vs. Franco Skugor match. This was a hard one for me - I was supporting Skugor because I had driven him and that is the only requirement for me to be your fan at this tournament - that you've been in my car. But I also wanted to see Nishikori win because:
In the end, Nishikori took the match 6-3, 6-2.

The best part? I finally got to take some pictures! They aren't very good and I was fooling with the focus and the sounds the whole time, but here's what I got.

Nishikori set up for a return:

Nishikori's service motion:

Skugor, who is huge, hits a return:

Nishikori, mobbed by fans, after his win:

Obviously, I am not a professional photographer. I'm going to try and take some video today if I can turn off the sound on my Flip. That may beyond my technical capabilities, however. We'll see.

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