May 1, 2011

It's National Tennis Month And Tennis Fixation Super Giveaway Extravaganza Month!

The Lucky Purple Tennis Ball!
Welcome to May which is National Tennis Month. And while that is kind of exciting, here's something even more exciting. May is also Tennis Fixation Super Giveaway Extravaganza Month! Yes, that is the official name I have settled on because I wanted something that was really long and really exciting to convey how really fabulous this month is going to be.

So here's the deal - every week this month, I am hosting a giveaway of a fabulous tennis item that one of you, my Tennis Fixation followers, can win. On every Monday in May, I will announce the giveaway prize and will tell you how to enter (it will be very easy). You will then have a week to enter. Entries will close on the Saturday of that week and a winner will be announced on Sunday. And then we'll start all over again! 5 times! Because there are 5 Mondays in May, there will be 5 great prizes!

I have a stock pile of some awesome stuff that tennis people and companies have sent me to give out and I know you are all going to love these prizes. It's exciting!!!

So check back tomorrow, May 2, for the first item in the Tennis Fixation Super Giveaway Extravaganza - and have a Happy National Tennis Month!

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