August 30, 2011

Tennis Fashion Fix: Maria Sharapova at the 2011 U.S. Open

The U.S. Open has just begun and most of the top women have made it through their first round (whew!) so we still have a chance to see what they're wearing. One of those first round winners was Maria Sharapova who is actually a contender this year. And here is a side-by-side shot of her Nike day dress (on the left) and night dress (on the right):

I actually watched a 3 minute Nike video (despite my ADD) about Maria's U.S. Open kit and was surprised how much thought went into some of the little touches that I never pay attention to when I buy my own Nike outfits.  The guy who is head of the shoe design team waxed on about the "pearlescent" effect that her shoes would give off when the sunlight hits them.  Wow.

Anyway, I'm sure Maria will look lovely in both of these dresses.  Here's a shot of her provided by Nike showing off the day dress:

Let's hope she sticks around long enough for us to see both of these dresses in action!

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Photos via Nike

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