May 21, 2012

Tennis Fashion Fix: French Open 2012 - Maria Sharapova

The red clay at Roland Garros can be sweltering hot. So I myself am a little surprised at the dress that Maria Sharapova will be wearing at the upcoming French Open.

This is her "Statement Set Dress" and yes, the main color is black. Black accented with Cargo Khaki and Metallic Gold. I'm not saying this is a bad look. Maria has pulled off the little black dress before. But black in the middle of the red clay with the sun beating down on her?

Look, I live in Houston and I know that black is not the best color to be wearing when you feel like you're playing tennis inside an oven. I'm pretty sure this is a fact known by people the world over, not just a discovery we've made here in Texas. And its something that should be known by the fashion advisors putting out tennis wear over at Nike.

Here's a better look at the LBD:

Besides being black, it's kind of boring. I mean when I buy a tennis dress, I'm looking for something colorful and fun, not something that goes well with the rest of my wardrobe.

Bottom line - I hope this dress isn't going to negatively impact her play at the French Open. Maybe she could just wear it at night? Or out for cocktails?

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Mark @ Tennisopolis said...

How do you type that sound that means wrong answer? Uhnnnnnn. This dress is all wrong for a summer on the clay. Looks more like some "sexy soldier" Halloween get up. :-)