May 31, 2012

Venus Is Out Too! - Venus Williams Out Of 2012 French Open

We're still in the early rounds of the French Open and these are the days when anything can happen. So it comes as no surprise to me that before I even had a chance to say something about how much I LIKE Venus Williams' French Open dress, she's already out of the tournament!

Venus lost in the second round to Poland's Agnieszka Radwanska, going down 6-2, 6-3. But the good news for Venus is that by winning in the first round, she has pretty much guaranteed herself a spot in the Olympics this summer. See how everything ties into the Olympics?

So what about her dress? As you know, I have spent many a blog post questioning what is going on with Venus in the fashion department. Here's a sample post on this topic that gives you an idea of my feelings: Wimbledon Is Back! . . . As Is Venus' Appalling Fashion Sense. Or how about this one: Tennis Fashion Fix: Venus Continues To Baffle Me.

Anyway. A few months ago something changed about Venus' Eleven line. I don't know who is behind the designs now - maybe Venus herself. But suddenly they look pretty great. Check out this collage of tennis outfits, etc. that even I would consider wearing:

Okay, yes, it helps if you have the tall, lanky, skinny body of a ranked tennis professional. But still - these are cute! If you want to see the entire collection, including her line for men, visit her very well-done website:

Conclusion - I'm sad to see Venus go but I'm sure we'll see her plenty at Wimbledon and, right after that, the Olympics!

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