June 30, 2012

Can't Keep Up With Wimbledon 2012? Get The App Now!

So the first week of Wimbledon 2012 is drawing to a close and I'm barely keeping up with what's happening. Isner's out. Venus is out. Stosur - out. Nadal - out!

My M.O. is to turn Wimbledon on first thing in the morning, watch as much as I can, spend my day following it with the Wimbledon 2012 app on my iPhone, and then try to catch up with what ultimately happened by checking out websites and blogs in the evening. And yes, somewhere in there I try to play some tennis (I won my Open level match yesterday - hooray!) and make dinner for my family.

I really can't say enough good things about the iPhone Wimbledon app (they're not paying me to say anything at all, I wish they were). I tried hard to like the 2012 version of the French Open app but I had constant problems with it. I kept ending up on the on-line shop page for some reason and then couldn't get back to the scores. But the Wimbledon app people have put together something that is both visually pleasing and easy to use. And there is more information on this app then you could ever need.

Here's a bunch of screen shots of several pages from the app to give you an idea of just how nice it looks and how informative it is:

The news page is particularly helpful - a good way to keep up with what is happening currently and previewing what will happen tomorrow.

I highly recommend the Wimbledon 2012 app for staying on top of this Slam. Its free (!) on iTunes. There is also an Android version that I haven't seen but I'm guessing is just as good.

Happy Wimbledon watching!

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