June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day Tennis Fans!

Happy Father's Day! In honor of Father's Day and all of those great tennis dads out there, I wanted to post photos of a few of my favorites. So, in no particular order, here are some great tennis dads.

Because I met him in person (when I drove him during the US Men's Clay Court tournament) and because I LOVE the Bryan Brothers, Wayne Bryan is of course one of my favorite tennis dads:

But as much as I like Wayne Bryan, he cannot top his son, Bob Bryan, father of baby Micaela. If you are not already following Micaela on Twitter (@micaelabryan), you MUST. NOW. While her tweets are cute, she absolutely has the funniest, most adorable pics, many with incredible tennis pros. Here's my current favorite:

Note - Micaela has 3,000 Twitter followers already. (@TennisFixation - not quite that many)

I always like to see pics of Andre Agassi with his precious kids:

His little girl looks just like him (and the boy - like mom Steffi).

And, a player who became even more of a favorite once he became a tennis dad, the fabulous Roger Federer with Mirka and the twins:

How cute are they? The twins are older now but I just love this photo.

Take your dad out for a game of tennis and have a Happy Father's Day from Tennis Fixation!

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