June 11, 2012

Rafael Nadal Wins His 7th French Open Championship!

How much did you love the conclusion of the 2012 French Open? Rafa crying. Uncle Tony crying. The rest of his box crying. And if there was ever a time for tears of joy, this was it - Rafael Nadal was awarded his record-breaking 7th Coupe de Mousquetaires (the French Open trophy).

Congratulations to Rafael Nadal for making tennis history!

And thank goodness I got to witness it. I spent at least 15 minutes trying to find the NBC Sports Network channel to watch the conclusion of the match and I was listening to it on Roland Garros radio as I was searching so that made it seem even crazier!

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Kathy said...

The rain stoppage was definitely a factor. Djokovic is always a slow starter against Nadal and just when he started to turn it around by winning the third set and leading in the fourth, the rain came. Then it was a new beginning and it was predictable. I can understand why he was frustrated but he needs to start stronger against good players.

SteveGTennis said...

This has definitely been my favourite match so far of the season. Everybody is banking on Djokovic becoming as great a player as Fed, but I think Rafa's the one to do it. After all, SEVEN Roland Garros trophies really isn't anything to be sniffed at! I'm looking forward to seeing what he'll do in Wimbledon this year.