June 19, 2012

"Tennis Fun In The Summer Sun" - What's In My Summer Tennis Bag?

All this week, Tennis Fixation is hosting a series of "Tennis Fun In The Summer Sun" posts and a great giveaway.

I am so excited about my brand new tennis bag! I finally wore my old one out. Really. It was literally falling apart. But it lasted a good long time so I didn't feel bad retiring it and looking for something snazzy and new. I shopped and shopped and finally found my  dream tennis bag.

Here's a photo of my new Cinda B "Bella Fiore Rasberry Tennis Tote" (and yes, I had much fun editing this pic  with my Camera Plus iPhone app).  I got my new bag from Slam Glam Unique Golf & Tennis Accessories where they carry a huge selection of fun tennis items (and they also happen to be sponsoring this week's Tennis Fun In The Summer Sun Giveaway). Not only do I love this tote's raspberry pink color and orange trim, but there is a double racquet pocket on the front that gives off a cute retro, preppy vibe. It has a shoulder strap as well as regular handles and the tote itself is extra roomy - plenty of space to carry all of my summer tennis essentials. 

So what exactly are my summer tennis essentials? Besides the usual stuff, here's what I'm carrying right now in my new tennis tote to play my best summer tennis:
  • Spray Sunscreen - I like my sunscreen in spray form as it makes it so much easier to get my back, my shoulders and my legs.
  • Face Sunscreen - The sunscreen I carry for my face is high SPF, non-greasy and easy to rub in without leaving me with the dreaded "ghost face" appearance.
  • Lip Balm/Sunscreen - I've found one I love that has an SPF of 45 and tastes good enough to eat - more on that later this week
  • 2 Water Bottles - I carry at least 2 water bottles during the summer, and maybe 3 depending on how long I think I'll be out.
  • 2 Hats - I carry 2 because I don't like wearing a hat that's damp with sweat and this makes it easy to change during a match if necessary.
  • 2 Towels - Besides carrying a hand towel in my bag, I also carry a beach towel (in my car, not in my bag) to dry off with and to sit on when I'm driving home after matches.
Do you have other summer tennis necessities? Let me know in a comment below and you'll be entered in the "Tennis Fun In The Summer Sun" Giveaway. For all of the details and for ways to get more entries, just click on this link: A Week of "Tennis Fun In The Summer Fun" And A Giveaway!

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Lisa said...

I really like the purple shirt. Great color!

Anonymous said...

Stop covering your car seat with a towel, instead get a Seat Shield -
I found one at a local running store a few months ago. It beats
trying to tuck a towel under the car headrest. It's lightweight and
waterproof (sweatproof) which is a necessity here in Texas! - Candice T.