August 27, 2012

Get Ready For Fall Tennis!

Well, I've received e-mails from all of my tennis captains reminding me to pay my league dues. I've started "Ladies Fall Tennis Boot Camp" and I've taken in my racquets to have them restrung. I broke out my new tennis shoes, which I was saving to keep them clean for league, and I've bought a case of balls at Costco. All of which can only mean one thing - time for fall tennis! Hooray!

After a spring season where I felt like I played mediocre tennis, at best, I've decided to turn it around this fall. So here's my new fall tennis mantra - "I'm here to have fun!" Last spring, I wasted way too much time and energy worrying about winning and losing and whether my captains were trying to find a nice way to kick me off the team. I kept track of my win/loss record and compared myself to every player on every team trying to justify why I was worth keeping. Not only was that un-fun, it was exhausting. That's why this season I've decided to relax and have a good time out on the court. Win or lose. Kicked off the team or not.

So how about you? What are you hoping for tennis-wise this fall? And do you have a great tennis mantra? Let me know what's working for you.

Happy Fall Tennis! 

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Anne Hamner Rosales said...

I have to agree with you. I've written more posts about my tennis problems than triumphs lately. But it's a journey! Best, Anne Rosales

Gorgeous_Claire said...
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