January 1, 2008

Advertise On Tennis Fixation!

Thanks for your interest in Tennis Fixation. This site is for tennis players who aren't pros but love tennis and play a lot. They have the resources to put into their favorite sport and want to make sure they're playing with the best racquets, the right strings, the most comfortable shoes and the very, very cutest and most flattering tennis outfits. If these sounds like the customers you'd like to reach, Tennis Fixation is for you.

Tennis Fixation was created in December of 2008, and in the spring of 2009 started to take off and become more and more popular. Since then, the site has grown every month. For 2010, here are some sample analytics:
  • over 8,000 absolute unique visitors visited Tennis Fixation,
  • over 16,000 page views occurred, and
  • over 25 visits occurred per day.

If you would like more information on analytics or subscriber numbers, please e-mail me at kimselzman@gmail.com.

Tennis Fixation offers a variety of advertising options:
  • Monthly Sponsor: This option is for a 125 pixel by 125 pixel ad on the right sidebar. This ad would be created by you and consistent with the appearance of Tennis Fixation. I will write a post highlighting your product or web site, provide a link to your web site in that post and run a related photo. The rate for monthly sponsorship is $40 a month, $100 for three months.
  • Giveaway Post: This option will bring high traffic to your web page/store over the course of the giveaway and beyond. I typically run these on a weekend, so your products will receive prominent space on my site for at least two days, if not more. I will write a post highlighting your product, provide a link to your web site in that post and run a related photo. The rate for this post if $40 plus the provision of your giveaway item. My readers enjoy products or services related to tennis, fitness and fashion. I especially like to feature items that are fun tennis gift items.

If you are interested in becoming an advertiser or need additional information, please contact me at kimselzman@gmail.com.

Thanks for visiting Tennis Fixation!

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