December 8, 2008

My Tennis Fixation

I have been searching the Internet for a site about tennis - my kind of tennis. I play ladies' tennis. To be precise, I play ladies' doubles. I've only been playing a few years and I'm never going to make it to the pros. But I'm OK with that. I just want to improve my game enough to play well against most of the people I know, right here in my own neighborhood.

And I would like to have more fun when I'm playing. While I want to have proper form and apply the right strategy, I also want to enjoy myself.

And I would love to look as fashionable as possible while playing. Arriving on court in a cute tennis outfit is often the highlight of my game!

And I do love talking about tennis - whether it be discussing my own play, how my teams are doing, or what is happening on the pro tours.

Well, I can't find a site that covers all of those things. So I'm starting my own! I know there are lots of women just like me, playing tennis on a regular basis and working hard to get better. That's what I'm doing and that's what I'll be talking about. So I hope you'll check here often for tennis tips, hints, observations and rants. I also hope you'll post your own comments and questions and be a part of my "Tennis Fixation."

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pay per head said...

very nice blog, I finally found a blog all about tennis, I think I got a tennis fixation myself too hehe and about the ladie's tennis, I like it a lot too, but I like more singles, I don't know hwy exactly