December 9, 2008

Am I Too Old for Tennis?

Am I just too old to be taking up tennis? I've been playing for almost four years now and feel like I'm not getting better fast enough. And I don't want to wait 20 years to get better!

So do I throw in the towel now, move on, maybe take up golf (please, no!)? Do I accept this level of mediocrity and keep playing unsatisfying B level tennis for the rest of my life? Or is there some remote possibility that, if I work hard and study up on this game enough, I might reach a level of proficiency where I'm actually happy with my game?

I've decided to bet on the last one on that list. If I think back to where I started (and Lord knows I don't like thinking back on those days), I have actually come a long way. And I'm sure if I keep up all that I'm doing with my game right now, I can go further.

So here's what I've been doing in the last few months and will be doing into the indefinite future - team clinic on Monday, private lesson on Wednesday afternoon, league play on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, drop-in drills on most Saturdays, ball machine when I can fit it in. Oh yeah - somewhere in there I have to take care of my doctor husband and three kids. It sounds like a lot but, if you've seen me play then you know - I need all the help I can get. And hopefully I can cut that 20 year learning curve down by a few years!

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