February 1, 2009

My Heart Is With Federer

If you did not just weep this morning for Roger Federer, then you are truly without feeling. As he stood on the podium, trying to compose himself and thank the crowd, sponsors, etc. for watching him get beaten, again, by Rafael Nadal, he had a complete breakdown. He could not even speak and finally had to back off the microphone. It was several minutes before he gave it a second try and was able to say a few words. I was in tears.

Ultimately, he was very gracious in his defeat as was Nadal in his victory. For so long, Federer has been an icon for icy stoicism. To see him have such powerful emotions and prove that he is a regular human being after all will swing a lot of people over to him, myself included.

Congratulations to Nadal on his win but I may have to start rooting for the underdog - Roger Federer.

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