February 3, 2009

When It's "Time" to Play

So you're scheduled to play tennis. Sounds simple enough. Well, just remember - you can't play tennis all by yourself. A few other people are planning to be there too. And if you want those people to invite you to play tennis again in the future, follow these simple rules of tennis scheduling etiquette:

1. Show up to play. Is this really a rule? Unfortunately, yes. I've been at more than a few doubles matches where one of the players simply didn't show up. No phone call. No message at the club desk. No notice at all. While it doesn't seem like this needs to be said, when you sign on to play a match, other people are expecting you to play. So if you say you're going to play tennis, show up! And if you can't make it, try to find a sub or notify the other players. Nothing is worse than three ladies standing around on a court, wondering where their fourth is. And nothing will make you less desirable as a player than getting a reputation as being unreliable.

2. Don't be late. It's not enough to follow Rule 1 and just show up. Please be on time. Other people have arranged their schedule to accommodate playing with you in this match. So be courteous by being punctual. And if you just can't avoid being late, call and let someone know.

3. Don't leave early. This is a rule for fun matches as opposed to league matches. (I assume you're not going to leave your league match early. If so, that is a whole other topic.) If you've agreed to play for an hour and a half, don't show up and announce that you can only play for 30 minutes. Again, other people have blocked out time to play with you and when you leave a match ridiculously early, that pretty much ruins the match for them.

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