March 13, 2009

Back to Roger Federer

I just got the latest issue of Tennis magazine (April 2009) and here's the first few sentences from Publisher Chris Evert's "Chrissie's Page":
What is it about Roger Federer that pulls at our heartstrings? Watching him break down during the Australian Open trophy presentation after losing in five sets to Rafael Nadal in the final brought tears to my eyes.
She ends her piece with: "My heart goes out to him."

Does this sound familiar? I wrote a whole post on how bad I felt for Federer and how it made me cry. It was even called "My Heart Is With Federer"! Chris Evert and I are on exactly the same page!

Footnote to this whole thing - I wanted to add a photo of Roger's post-Australian Open crying thing to this post but then I came across this pic where he looks totally hot! Much better than seeing his breakdown again! (To my husband - You look totally hot too!)

2nd Footnote - Breaking News - You know Roger's girlfriend is pregnant, don't you?

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