April 15, 2009

Surfing for Tennis Tips

Where can you go when you need a quick tweak for your backhand? Can anyone explain the ten different kinds of service spin you can put on a ball? How can you learn to "watch the ball hit the strings"?

Here are a few blogs and websites to check out when you want some quick tips to improve your tennis game:

A great source for tennis instructional tips aimed at all levels of players is about.com's Tennis section. This site not only gives some great instructions, it includes photo and video analysis of all kinds of shots and strategies. Jeff's Tennis Blog, included on this site, usually has some spur-of-the-moment updates on the world of tennis and suggestions about further improvements to your game.

The Tennis Channel's One Minute Clinics not only provide great tips, but they have awesome videos to go along with them. (As you may know from a previous post, I don't have the Tennis Channel so right now I can only enjoy it by checking out their web site.)

The USTA's website also has an Improve Your Game section that has tons of tips and videos you can watch.

Is your mental game is giving you problems? A great site for looking into the psychology of tennis is Sports Psychology for Tennis, a site aimed at all levels and all ages of players and usually analyzing the psychology of tennis by looking at what the pros are doing (which can be interesting even if you're not a head case).

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