May 29, 2009

French Open Fashion!

What are they wearing at the French Open? Let's start with Maria Sharapova, who comes into Roland Garros ranked at No. 102. She won her first round match in this very interesting blue number from Nike. Wearing Tiffany jewelry too. I think this dress looks great if you're 6 feet tall like Maria. On the rest of us, maybe not so great.

Now, Jelena Jankovic is wearing a good-looking dress. Her sponsor is Anta, whom I've never heard of. But if she can go deep into the draw and lots of photos circulate with her in this pretty blue outfit, I think we'll start seeing more of Anta's tennis line. This dress has a keyhole opening detail cut into the back - hard to see in these pictures but very cute.

Blue is the color to be wearing on the red clay courts of Roland Garros as Venus Williams is also showing up in a blue dress. But, I'm sorry. I do not like this. It just looks cheap. Right now, tennis wear is more about interesting cuts and lines, not about weird, loud prints. That's in my opinion of course. I just think with all the money she's making, Venus could design herself something a lot better looking than this.

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maure said...

Yeah, for me Venus's dress is just awful... Surely fashionable right now, but still she could have had better.