May 30, 2009

French Open Fashion - Part Deux!

Here's a quick look at more of what the women are wearing in Paris this week. Serena Williams remains in the run for the French Open wearing this orange and charcoal color-block dress in her singles play. I like this dress and think it flatters Serena and would flatter most ordinary tennis-playing women too. But I'm not sure the colors are a good contrast against the reddish orange French clay. Surely the designers at Nike must know what they're doing.

Now, this is the outfit Serena is wearing in her doubles play with sister Venus. Although Venus is out in singles, losing in the third round, she and Serena remain very serious contenders for doubles. And I love Serena's doubles outfit. Separate pieces like this usually work for everyone (dresses seem harder to fit right to me) and the orange and pink is tres cute.

I had to show off what Samantha Stosur is wearing because its a Lacoste outfit and, if you're watching the French Open on the Tennis Channel then you know, Lacoste is inundating us with their commercials featuring Andy Roddick and a bunch of teenage models but no women tennis players. This is a pretty utilitarian look Lacoste has put out. It's actually a dress. And black and white? The fashion models in the commercials are WAY more colorfully dressed. Again, maybe the designers are looking for something to contrast against the clay and stand out on TV. But there's got to be something more interesting than black and white. Stosur also remains in the running, having just taken out Elena Dementieva.

OK, here is Ivanovic in that same dress that I have made clear in previous posts (here and here) that I do not like. But I do like the color and it shows up great against the clay. She is rolling right through her part of the draw and has a great chance of retaining her French Open title.

Finally, I wanted to show the Nike dress worn by Victoria Azarenka who is making a great showing right now. This is exactly the kind of thing I expect from Nike, great colors, lots of criss-crossy straps going on around the shoulders and a flirty skirty detail at the bottom. Of course it looks wonderful on Azarenka who is 6 feet tall. But I like this and am sure it will be a sell-out in the stores.

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